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Radio Ulster programme on Irish trade

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1986 Co-edited with David Brett, CIRCA

no 26, The Religious Issue, dealing with

art and religion in Ireland, including own

article, "Matters of Life and Death", on

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1986-7 Northern Ireland contributor for Artists


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2002 Introductory article for catalogue of Troubled

Images, exhibition of posters and ephemera

from Linen Hall Library, Belfast

Copies of my Ph.D thesis are lodged with the Linen Hall Library (Political Collection) and the library of the University of Ulster, both in Belfast. My two books, Mirrors: William III & Mother Ireland and Mirrors: Orange & Green, are both available from me, at £9.95 each plus relevant postage and packing (£5 for the United Kingdom).

Cover title of Marching Workers,

monograph exhibition catalogue

of Irish trade union banners and regalia,

published by Arts Councils of Ireland

and Northern Ireland, 1978